Hub Open Data

The goal is to become in a hub for all stakeholders involved in open data. Having participation of all different actors in both goals and vision on Open Data in the Barcelona environment.


What we do …

  • Share knowledge
  • Shared vision, goals on open data discipline in Barcelona
  • Look for Synergies
  • Impulse new collaborative projects ODI-BCN
  • Coordinate actions to increase efficiency in the open data field

What for …

  • Increase citizen, IT sector and public administration awareness of the benefits around Open Data
  • Open data become part of the regular economy
  • Accelerate processes to support open data in public administrations
  • Support to open data processes in private sector
  • Support the branding Barcelona – Open data

Barcelona Open Data Initiative

Barcelona Open Data initiative has the commitment of several agents, organisations and people to impulse a co- created project for the open data community.

Our internal regulation appoints a advisory board (Participation body with a representative sample of several open data stakeholders). this advisory board will assess the annual action plan and the annual budget.

Members of the advisory board…

intellectual authors on the open field
Institutions Government
Academia ( teahcing + research)
Institutions adhoc for single projects
Organisations pro Open
Companies IT companies’ Associations
Technology Centres
Open data companies